New additions to our site.

We have a few new additions to our website.

1.) Several new photos included in the galleries shown on the right side of this page.
2.) You can now “subscribe” to receive updates to our website! Look for the words “Subscribe to Blog via Email” on the right side of this page.
3.) There is a new link that we think you will enjoy. Look for the link titled “Support American Made Products”. This link will take you to a list of companies who can supply you with everything you need for your home build or remodel – All Made in America!
4.) Below each post you will also notice a “Share this” section. The buttons in this section will allow you to easily share information on our site with your friends and family members.

That’s all for now! We will continue to post information and improve our site, so check back soon!

-D. Hathaway Remodeling

Our Mission

D. Hathaway Remodeling is composed of dedicated professionals with over 45 years combined experience in all types of high-end Residential and Light Commercial remodeling.

Equipped with a considerable knowledge-base grounded in many years of “in the field, hands-on”, experience,
our staff offers the unique perspective of seeing the project from the customers viewpoint.

Our firm belief in, “Service After The Sell”, coupled with a strong desire to educate and inform the customer every step of the way insures
that your experience will be both, exciting, and ultimately satisfying.

Our goal is to turn every customer into an enthusiastic reference for our company!

Please visit our contact page for our contact information.

Proud to be veteran owned and operated!

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