Merry Christmas to one and all!

As always December is proving to be an interesting month!   As with most companies this time of year we are getting our share of  customers who want something in their house “tweaked a bit” before company comes a calling, along with last minute preparations for Winter, which makes scheduling something of a minute to minute contact sport!

We finally got word back from the insurance people and are on track for upgrading the licenses immediately after the Holidays, this is expected to open up a couple doors for us in the category of being able to cater to a couple of contacts who can bring in some larger and more challenging projects for us!

Progress on the investment house has been slowly moving along due to our workload but we will be meeting with an interested investor next week – if all goes well on that front it may be crunch time for a week or so to get all the loose ends tied up there, as well as getting busy looking for the next one to take on – cautiously optimistic on this endeavor.

For those of you who have been waiting for new pictures to be posted – Sorry for the delay!  Hope to have time during the Holiday break to get those posted and we are trying to set a day next week to have the photographer do a shoot on our last completed kitchen, we will get that spread posted as soon as possible.

Luciano, (the other half of our brain-trust), will be getting back from Brazil the second week of January just in time for us to gear up for the new year which looks to be a time of change and growth as we may be doing some re-organizing within the company structure, namely some systems refinement, and sharpening our focus on the overall business plan – those who cannot adapt perish – so we will be adapting in order to make the most of the current economic climate.

Final note – Please check out our link for American Made Products for your home – the best way to improve our economy is to keep as many of the jobs as we can right here at home!  The job you save may be your own!