November news

It has been a busy month!  Kitchen remodel is complete and turned out very nice – exceeded the customer’s expectations by a long shot! We will be using the services of a new professional photographer to do a spread for us in the hopes that it may bring her work and will also showcase our talents, all in keeping with our belief  in contributing to the local community.

Our second kitchen project this month is ready for cabinets and granite and will be completed around December 1st,  we will be completing our second bathroom remodel on the 28th, and  a new roof  project will be taking place on the 30th. In the midst of this we have also managed to get the mechanical systems up and running in the investment house, along with counter-tops being  installed and the remaining floors ready for carpet and tile.

The Solar Power Workshop was a success as we learned a lot about a growing Green technology while completing the installation of a 4KW solar array on one of our fellow area small businesses – very exciting stuff!  We have discovered that like most educational opportunities this is just the beginning in our endeavor to expand our knowledge base along with allowing us to offer more services to our customers.

Also in the interest of furthering or goal as a growing company, we will be upgrading our licenses to Class “A” General Contractor as soon as we can get our insurance upgraded and have the opportunity to get all of the applications in and processed, and hope to have this accomplished by January 1st.

Remember to periodically check the Facebook page as we will be posting pictures there that do not make it to the website, and we now have a new blog link so that you can subscribe to news from the website itself.