Our Mission

D. Hathaway Remodeling is composed of dedicated professionals with over 45 years combined experience in all types of high-end Residential and Light Commercial remodeling.

Equipped with a considerable knowledge-base grounded in many years of “in the field, hands-on”, experience,
our staff offers the unique perspective of seeing the project from the customers viewpoint.

Our firm belief in, “Service After The Sell”, coupled with a strong desire to educate and inform the customer every step of the way insures
that your experience will be both, exciting, and ultimately satisfying.

Our goal is to turn every customer into an enthusiastic reference for our company!

Please visit our contact page for our contact information.

Proud to be veteran owned and operated!

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November News

We recently wrapped up six months on a custom home project – the full trim package with the main focus being on the custom designed staircase which went very well.  As these types of jobs are prone to do the scope of work took on a life of it’s own and we found ourselves doing all the stain work followed by all the paint prep thru-out the whole house.

This project was a good experience for us in that since we have been doing our own general contracting for the last eight years we had forgotten how challenging it can be to work a large project with other contractors all doing their own thing!  Very enlightening!

With any luck we be able to access the job again soon and get pictures of the finished product so that we can post them here.


The investment house was finished during the course of the large project and has been listed for sale for ten weeks or so – sluggish market though so we are trying to be patient with the process. Sweat equity gains a whole new meaning when you are busy and still trying to put some time in on an investment property – …..so… we have taken on another house that we will be renting for a time until the market levels out a little bit.

Starting in December we will be exploring opportunities in Northwest Arkansas as well as still operating in the Kansas City Kansas/Missouri areas. Change is very exciting and we are looking forward to exploring the options being presented to us!


March already!?

Time appears to be flying by! Seems like it was just last week that we were preparing to move to our new home/office and now it is two months later!  Things are heating up and jobs are coming in, some that were bid before the Holidays just all of a sudden resurfaced in the last week or so, and for the second year we have been invited back to the Royal’s Stadium to help them get ready for the new season and the upcoming All Star Game.

January News

Just a quick note – Johnson County “Class A” General Contractor License # 2012-6382 was acquired last week – we will be obtaining Jackson County and Kansas City licenses as soon as we recover from our move to a new home and office location in the next couple weeks.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas to one and all!

As always December is proving to be an interesting month!   As with most companies this time of year we are getting our share of  customers who want something in their house “tweaked a bit” before company comes a calling, along with last minute preparations for Winter, which makes scheduling something of a minute to minute contact sport!

We finally got word back from the insurance people and are on track for upgrading the licenses immediately after the Holidays, this is expected to open up a couple doors for us in the category of being able to cater to a couple of contacts who can bring in some larger and more challenging projects for us!

Progress on the investment house has been slowly moving along due to our workload but we will be meeting with an interested investor next week – if all goes well on that front it may be crunch time for a week or so to get all the loose ends tied up there, as well as getting busy looking for the next one to take on – cautiously optimistic on this endeavor.

For those of you who have been waiting for new pictures to be posted – Sorry for the delay!  Hope to have time during the Holiday break to get those posted and we are trying to set a day next week to have the photographer do a shoot on our last completed kitchen, we will get that spread posted as soon as possible.

Luciano, (the other half of our brain-trust), will be getting back from Brazil the second week of January just in time for us to gear up for the new year which looks to be a time of change and growth as we may be doing some re-organizing within the company structure, namely some systems refinement, and sharpening our focus on the overall business plan – those who cannot adapt perish – so we will be adapting in order to make the most of the current economic climate.

Final note – Please check out our link for American Made Products for your home – the best way to improve our economy is to keep as many of the jobs as we can right here at home!  The job you save may be your own!